About Bingo Alberta

Bingo Alberta was formally incorporated in 2007. The shareholders of Bingo Alberta are 21 independent Bingo Associations currently operating within Alberta.

Bingo Alberta is all about the charities, the more than 794 eligible Alberta charitable, religious and non-profit groups that provide highly beneficial programs and services to communities all across the province from the proceeds of bingo. Each Bingo Association is owned by and represents a number of charities, which derive revenue from bingo activities.

These charities are predominately volunteer-driven bingo organizations that provide bingo facilities and services to generate needed revenues to conduct their good works. 

Bingo Alberta, on behalf of the charities and bingo organizations, speaks as a single voice to advance their interests with respect to government policy and regulations, integrity of the game and the industry, responsible gambling initiatives, and the viability of the bingo industry.



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