Bingo Manners

Bingo is a lot of fun but it is even more fun when players respect each other. Remember everyone wants to enjoy the game. Some things you can do to make your game more enjoyable are:

  • Ask questions of the bingo operators if you are unsure of special rules or if you need help understanding how a game is played or prizes are awarded.
  • Many bingo players become quite serious once the game begins. They do not want to be disturbed by people talking or people creating unnecessary distractions.
  • Do not get into a habit of repeating numbers as they are called. It may help you but it will distract other players. If you distract other players you may be asked to move to another location in the hall or even to leave the hall.
  • The caller does not control the numbers. Bingo is a game of chance and the caller has no influence over the order the numbers appear.  It is not appropriate to blame the caller for numbers. If you feel the caller needs to be louder or the numbers are being called too quickly please let the caller know politely or advise the bingo floor staff.
  • False "Bingo" calls are frustrating and stop the flow of the game. Be sure that you have the numbers before you call "Bingo". Fellow players will be quite angry if they have destroyed their bingo sheets and then learn that there is a false bingo.
  • Smoking is not permitted in bingo facilities in Alberta. Smokers will have to smoke outside in areas away from the doorways. It is important that both smokers and non-smokers respect the rights of the others.


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